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JEvents 3 and later supports the Joomla updater which allows you to easily update all your out of date components, modules, plugins etc.

This will work out of the box for JEvents itself.  See the information below relevant to your version of Joomla.

The Joomla backend control panel shows a summary of extensions that need updating - in this screenshot there are 20 updates available:

j31 cpanel

If you click this icon or select the menu Extensions->Extension Manager and then click the Update tab you'll see a list of available updates.

j31 jeventsupdate

In this case version 3.1.8 of the JEvents package is available to install - you can do this by clicking the checkbox next to JEvents and then clicking the 'Update' button.

At any time you can check if this list is up to date by clicking the 'Find Updates' button.

Since the club addons require an up to date subscription to download updates you will need to obtain an access code for each of your domains in order to enable automatic updates of club addons. 

You can obtain your access codes by clicking the link to the "JEvents Club Access Code" on the homepage of JEvents  (remember you will need to be logged in to see this link).

The access code page looks like this:


You enter each domain where you have installed the club addons in the box highlighted in yellow above and click the 'Fetch/Update code' button.  This will then add the domain to your list of domains and give you a code against each entry (blacked out in the screenshot above).  You can add up to 10 domains in this way - please note that this will not support localhost or localhost/mysite type domains

Once you have a code for a domain you can cut and paste the code and enter it into the JEvents configuration (on the first tab) then save your config options.


If you now return to the Extensions Update page and refresh the list (remember to click Purge Cache in Joomla 2.5) you should see any updates available for club addons e.g.

j31 clubupdates1

If you place your mouse over one of the entries you'll get more information about your subscription etc.

j25 clubupdates2

 If you enter an access code for a different domain

If you have club addons installed but have not entered an access code in your JEvents config you will either see no updates available or message to that effect:

j25 noaccesscode

 If you use the code for the wrong domain you will see this message:

j25 wrongdomain

When you membership expires you will see this message

 j25 expired

If your membership doesn't give you access to an update e.g. you are a silver member and have installed RSVP Pro in the past you may see this screen:

j25 insufficientaccess