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Flatplus Theme

  • The new Flatplus layout, based on the default Flat layout but has many more features. 

    • Multi-day event spanning in month and week calendar views
    • Show day name in responsive lists option
    • Ignore title truncation
    • Truncate Prior/Post Events
    • Tabular layout of weekly view
    • Rolling weekly view, so you can show 8 weeks going forward.
    • Monthly view as a list globally. 
    • Several built in colour schemes
    • Option to customises your colour scheme
    • Color changing the default red with a simple hex selector. To allow blending in with your site.

    We have also removed tables where possible and replaced with divs, making this a very responsive template.

    Please note, this layout has been tested with the Default Joomla! 3.x prostar and some other template. But if it's not quite right on your site, then ask for assistance in the forms and we will happily take a look to see what is happening.

  • This specific extension can also be downloaded by itself from this page.
    Specific Download Page