Custom Module Positions in JEvents

In JEvents 2.1+ we added special module positions to allow you to display instructions to site visitors/event creators or to place the other related modules like the filter module in more helpful positions.

Please be aware that you need to enable the core Joomla! plugin 'Content - Load Modules' for this feature to work

The positions include:

Before JEvents is loaded:
jevprejevents, jevprejevents_year.listevents, jevprejevents_week.listevents, jevprejevents_cat.listevents, jevprejevents_day.listevents, jevprejevents_month.calendar, jevprejevents_icalevent.detail, jevprejevents_range.listevents

jevprejevents2, jevprejevents2_year.listevents, jevprejevents2_week.listevents, jevprejevents2_cat.listevents, jevprejevents2_day.listevents, jevprejevents2_month.calendar, jevprejevents2_icalevent.detail

Before the JEvents Navigation Header:
jevpretoolbar, jevpretoolbar_year.listevents, jevpretoolbar_week.listevents, jevpretoolbar_cat.listevents, jevpretoolbar_day.listevents, jevpretoolbar_month.calendar, jevpretoolbar_range.listevents

After the JEvents Navigation Header:
jevposttoolbar, jevposttoolbar_year.listevents, jevposttoolbar_week.listevents, jevposttoolbar_cat.listevents, jevposttoolbar_day.listevents, jevposttoolbar_month.calendar, jevposttoolbar_range.listevents

After JEvents is loaded:
jevpostjevents, jevpostjevents_year.listevents, jevpostjevents_week.listevents, jevpostjevents_cat.listevents, jevpostjevents_day.listevents, jevpostjevents_month.calendar, jevpostjevents_icalevent.detail, jevpostjevents_range.listevents

JEvents Edit Page:

Top of Edit Page:
jevpreeditevent, jevpreeditrepeat,

Bottom of Edit Page:
jevposteditevent, jevposteditrepeat

When creating a module you won't see these positions in your position's drop down selector - you simply type in the position you want.

Start typing in the position field e.g. 'jevprejevents'

Then you will see

Then press enter to create and use a custom module position

Then remember to save the module ;)