Something went wrong [objectXMLHttpRequest]

You may see this message on some servers when you try to save an event. It arises because you have configured JEvents to check for overlapping events when you save a new or changed event.  If you don't need this on your site then disable this option - if you do want to block overlapping events then please read on:

It is usually caused by the fact that your server cannot run the script components/com_jevents/libraries/checkconflict.php usually because you have installed a security setting that block all php scripts apart from the main index.php script. 

This could be caused by:

  1. Akeeba AdminTools - in which case make an exception in the AdminTools settings to allow the script to run.
  2. File permissions - the script may have the wrong ownership or permissions.  In which case please check these for the file components/com_jevents/libraries/checkconflict.php
  3. Htaccess File - you may have a deny setting for php scripts outside the index.php file.  In which case please add an exception for this script.

Technical background

The checkconflict script is a slimmed down version of the core index.php script that doesn't load a lot of the core Joomla CMS features like the menus and the main router.  This makes it a LOT faster to check for overlapping events before passing control of the script on to the main event saving routines

Same Problem in RSVP Pro

If you see this issue in RSVP Pro then please see this article.

  • Last Updated: Thursday, 19 March 2015