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  • JEvents is a highly configurable and massively extensible calendar component, module and plugin for Joomla! based websites.

    It allows you to show all your events in a smart, easy and effective way.

    JEvents is the No.1 leading Joomla! Calendar extension and it is free! For most users the free core version of JEvents offers all the calendar and event functionality your site need.

    JEvents consists of the main component and a number of modules and plugins.


    • One-off Events and complex repeating patterns of events can be created and viewed in an attractive calendar and a variety of list formats
    • Multiple themes/styles are included in the free package and other theme are available to club members
    • We have an innovative layout editor to allow you to customise the output of the calendar, event detail and event list pages
    • Fully compatible with Joomla MVC framework
    • Ical imports/exports
    • Repeat exception handling
    • Events can be placed in multiple categories and calendar views can be customised to show all or some of these categories
    • Optional checking for overlapping events globally or on a category specific basis


    • Mini-calendar (jevents_cal) - which gives a quick overview of events which can be placed on any page
    • Latest events (jevents_latest) - which gives a highly configurable summary of upcoming, recently created or popular events
    • Events legend (jevents_legend) - displayed alongside the component gives you a summary of event categories and an easy way to limit the events shown to specific categories
    • Filter module (jevents_filter) - allows you to filter/search the events being displayed using a variety of criteria
    • Custom detail (jevents_custom) - provides the ability to show custom parts of JEvents in a module.


    • A search plugin that enables the global Joomla search to return results from the events calendar
    • A finder plugin that works with the Joomla! finder system.
    • iCalendar based
    • iCalendar import / export of events
    • Multiple Views
      • List - Range View (Predefined dates, static or dynamic)
      • List - Yearly View
      • List - Weekly View (Tabular view available with Iconic Club Layout)
      • List - Daily View
      • Monthly Tabular View (List View available with Iconic Club Layout)
      • Event Detail View
    • Multiple Layouts, changable on menu items and modules or Live with the Layout Switch Module.
    • Complex Repeat patterns
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Yearly
      • On count basis
      • Until Data basis
      • Non-Standard Repeat pattern, can be controlled by setting a repeat count and then editting each repeat individually to the dates you desire.
    • Disable Auto Publish, so events require approval from the calendar Admin. Or category Admin is one has been set. 
    • Custom Layouts - (Rather than have a calendar look the same for everyone, we appreciate you want to add your own style and position. With Custom Layouts you can do just that! by re-organising the List row layout, Monthly Calendar Cell and event details.) 
    • Template Overrides - (We use the Joomla! core features to the full extent where applicable. So you can customise the calendar further by preforming template overrides. This saving having to hack core files and allows updating JEvents without loosing your customisations.) 


  • This specific extension can also be downloaded by itself from this page.
    Specific Download Page

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