Monthly Calendar

JEvents features a monthly calendar layout with 4 built in themes and additional themes are available to club members.  This image shows the Alternative, Ext, Geraint and Iconic (club members only) layouts.

You can choose how many events to display on each day, truncate long event titles and a helpful tooltip pops up when the mouse hovers over an event showing some more detail.

The content of the 'cell' and the tooltip can be cusomised using the built in layout editor in JEvents.

Lists of Events

You can show your events as a list - with a choice  of weekly, daily, annual, category based and also a specified date range.  The club member layouts also allow you to display the events in a month as a list.

The layout editor in JEvents allows you to customise what information is displayed for each event in your list.

The screenshots show the Ext and Alternative layouts together with 2 club member layouts (ExtPlus and Iconic).

Calendar Module

A mini-calendar module allows your visitors to link directly to specific dates and to navigate month by month or year by year.

The screenshots show the Ext, Defaut, Geraint and Ruthin (club members) layouts.

The calendar module sizing and colours can be customised using CSS.

Latest Events Module

The latest events module allows you to list upcoming, historic, popular or recently created. 

  • You can customise the output  - formatting dates and times, choosing which fields to outpu.
  • You can configure the selection crieria for the events to display based on a wide variety of crieria

This is a very flexible and powerful module for JEvents and an essential part of most sites that use JEvents.  This screenshot shows the free layouts that come with JEvents plus the iconic layout available to silver members.

Layout Editing

The layout editor in JEvents allows you to customise what information is displayed for each event in your list and event detail view.

A drop down field selector gives you a comprehensive list of available fields to display which is extended by any JEvents club addons you install.  For example by adding the location manager you get the option to plce the event location map and venue details.  In this example the layout has been enhanced by the managed locations addon and the standard image addon - both are available to silver members of the JEvents club.

Set Permissions by User/UserGroup

You can manage permissions on a user specific basis (authorised user mode) or using the Joomla 2.5 user groups.

In addition permissions can be set for specific categories so you can have users who can create/edit events in one category but not in another.

Overlapping Event Checking

You can configure JEvents to block the creation of events that overlap with other events or repeats.  

You can set this universally to block any overlapping events or on a category specific basis - this way you can stop the creation of more than one event in the same category at the same time.

Club member addons such as the managed locations addon can be used to block the creation of overlapping events at the same venue.  The screenshot here tells the creator of this event that there is already a clashing event occuring at the Ruthin Goal Museum.

Sophisticated Repeat and Exceptions

You can create sophisticated repeat event patterns.  for example its easy to create events that repeat on:

  • 3rd Thursday in November
  • Every other Tuesday
  • 4 July each year
  • 1st, 12th and 18th of each month
  • 3 days before the end of April

When you want to change a specific repeat - maybe the date or time is different to the normal pattern or the venue or description is changes you can easily change the specific repeat in the frontend or backend of Joomla.  If you want to delete a specific repeat or all future repeats that is easy too.

Show your support

Unlike many Joomla calendars we do not charge to download JEvents - please show your support for this project by becoming a member of the JEvents Club Club members get access to early releases, exclusive member support forums, and Silver and Gold members can use many exciting JEvents addons

Your membership will ensure that JEvents continues to be the best events calendar for Joomla.