Monthly Calendar

JEvents features a monthly calendar layout with 4 built in themes and additional themes are available to club members.  This image shows the Alternative, Ext, Geraint and Iconic (club members only) layouts.

You can choose how many events to display on each day, truncate long event titles and a helpful tooltip pops up when the mouse hovers over an event showing some more detail.

The content of the 'cell' and the tooltip can be cusomised using the built in layout editor in JEvents.

Lists of Events

You can show your events as a list - with a choice  of weekly, daily, annual, category based and also a specified date range.  The club member layouts also allow you to display the events in a month as a list.

The layout editor in JEvents allows you to customise what information is displayed for each event in your list.

The screenshots show the Ext and Alternative layouts together with 2 club member layouts (ExtPlus and Iconic).

Calendar Module

A mini-calendar module allows your visitors to link directly to specific dates and to navigate month by month or year by year.

The screenshots show the Ext, Defaut, Geraint and Ruthin (club members) layouts.

The calendar module sizing and colours can be customised using CSS.

Latest Events Module

The latest events module allows you to list upcoming, historic, popular or recently created. 

  • You can customise the output  - formatting dates and times, choosing which fields to outpu.
  • You can configure the selection crieria for the events to display based on a wide variety of crieria

This is a very flexible and powerful module for JEvents and an essential part of most sites that use JEvents.  This screenshot shows the free layouts that come with JEvents plus the iconic layout available to silver members.

Layout Editing

The layout editor in JEvents allows you to customise what information is displayed for each event in your list and event detail view.

A drop down field selector gives you a comprehensive list of available fields to display which is extended by any JEvents club addons you install.  For example by adding the location manager you get the option to plce the event location map and venue details.  In this example the layout has been enhanced by the managed locations addon and the standard image addon - both are available to silver members of the JEvents club.

Set Permissions by User/UserGroup

You can manage permissions on a user specific basis (authorised user mode) or using the Joomla 2.5 user groups.

In addition permissions can be set for specific categories so you can have users who can create/edit events in one category but not in another.

Overlapping Event Checking

You can configure JEvents to block the creation of events that overlap with other events or repeats.  

You can set this universally to block any overlapping events or on a category specific basis - this way you can stop the creation of more than one event in the same category at the same time.

Club member addons such as the managed locations addon can be used to block the creation of overlapping events at the same venue.  The screenshot here tells the creator of this event that there is already a clashing event occuring at the Ruthin Goal Museum.

Sophisticated Repeat and Exceptions

You can create sophisticated repeat event patterns.  for example its easy to create events that repeat on:

  • 3rd Thursday in November
  • Every other Tuesday
  • 4 July each year
  • 1st, 12th and 18th of each month
  • 3 days before the end of April

When you want to change a specific repeat - maybe the date or time is different to the normal pattern or the venue or description is changes you can easily change the specific repeat in the frontend or backend of Joomla.  If you want to delete a specific repeat or all future repeats that is easy too.

Event Reminders

Gold Member Addon

The RSVP Pro addon for JEvents Club Gold members allows you to offer event reminders to event attendees, invitees, registered users or users who provide a validated email address.    You configure which group or users can request reminders.

You can also setup the addon so that attendees (or all registered users) are auto reminded before events.

You configure the addon to set the lead time before the event that you want the reminder to be sent and a server crontab job/scheduled task sends the messages at the appropriate time.

You can also customise the reminder message that is sent on an event-by-event basis.

Note that the screenshots above feature a new experimental SMS plugin that allows reminders to be sent via SMS.  This is a new feature and needs a special plugin to be written for each SMS gateway - if a new gateway is required we may need to charge for the cost of its development.

A demo video of this functionality is available - click the "More about this product" link below.

Event Invitations

Gold Member Addon

The RSVP Pro addon for JEvents Club Gold members allows the event creator/JEvents admin users to send email based invitations to registered users of your site or other people using email addresses.

You see a summary of which invitees have viewed the events and which have accepted or declined the invitation.

You can save lists of invitees to re-use another time.  You can invite your JomSocial or Community Builder friends as a group.

You can setup a list of users to autoinvited to each newly created event.

You can make events private to invitees to that non-invitees don't see the event.

The invitation message can be customised on an event by event basis.

A demo video of this functionality is available - click the "More about this product" link below.

Event Attendance

Gold Member Addon

The RSVP Pro addon for JEvents Club Gold members allows the event creator to configure an event so that site visitors/registered users can record their intention to attend.

You can set a limit on the numbers attending and setup a waiting list if required. 

You can take payment for attendance using Paypal,, Offline manual payment or Virtuemart.

You can setup complex forms to request specific information about your attendees with support for conditional fields, charges/fees dependent on the choices made by the attendee and different charges for different Joomla user groups.

A demo video of the frontend functionality is available as well as one showing some of the backend management capability - click the "More about this product" link below.

Ruthin Theme

Silver Member Addon

Take a look at the Ruthin Layout in the demo. This uses a radically new layout arrangement where multiday events really span many days in the calendar.

The Ruthin layout is available in 4 colour schemes (and more can easily be added).

Flatplus Theme

Silver Member Addon

The new Flatplus layout, based on the default Flat layout but has many more features.

We have removed tables where possible and replaced with divs, making this a very responsive template.

Float Theme

Silver Member Addon

The Float theme presents events as configurable blocks that rearrange as the page size changes (aka a Masonry based layout) and can be configured to fetch additional events as you scroll down the page.

Extplus Theme

Silver Member Addon

JEvents Club Silver members can download an install a number of new layouts/themes for their JEvents based websites.  These are available in a variety of colours.


Map Theme

Silver Member Addon

JEvents Club Silver members can download an install a number of new layouts/themes for their JEvents based websites.  These are available in a variety of colours.


Iconic Theme

Silver Member Addon

Take a look at the Iconic Layout in the demo.  This layout (which is available in a variety of colour schemes) is based on the ExtPlus layout with a difference - the dates in most list views are represented by icons.

This is the weekly event list (in blue) - note that this layout uses the list layout editing tool of JEvents to include a thumbnail image from the Standard Image addon.

Enhanced Locations/Venues

Silver Member Addon

Besides Complete address and map, you may also add as many images as you want for your locations and a description of the place.

Not enough for you? Don't worry, Locations manager easily integrates with JEvents Custom Fields to show even more fields. You just need to create the Custom Fields template for your locations and you are ready to go.

Also, you may use the layout editor in JEvents ato customise what information is displayed for each location page and of course we will gladly assist you creating an overrides in our Support Forum if you need more advanced changes.

Easy Map integration

Silver Member Addon

Show a map with the exact location of your events using locations plugin inside your events or show your locations as a standalone component and easily create a locations directory.

Configure the exact zoom of the map and position of the location thanks to our address lookups service.

Easily show a map with your locations lists that automatically shows the correct zoom according with the locations to show.

Managing Locations

Silver Member Addon

JEvents Locations allows you to create and mantain a list of locations that can easily integrate with JEvents making your Events management easier.

Use Free Input of Addresses or create a structured list of Country/State/City to organize your locations, and obviously, you can also use categories to classify your Locations.

There is no need to type the same location every time you create a new event. Using the locations manager you will be able to share the same location with all your events and additionally, you will be able to show all the events that take place in that location.

Managed People And Resources

Silver Member Addon

You want to create a managed list of artists, event promoters or even the people responsible for making the tea after the event.  The Managed people addon allows you to do this. 

  • Create a menu item or modules for the events associated with one or more people/team/resources!
  • Special pages for your people/team/resources
For example you can use this addon on a sport event calendar - you can associate teams with matches allowing the easy filtering of the calendar by teams.  Other uses include resource allocation for events, staff rosters etc.  Some sites have even used it (combined with the custom fields addon) as a event management tool to facilitate the planning of an event from conception to the big day itself.

Standard Image and File Uploads

Silver Member Addon

The Standard Image and File Uploads addon allows silver/gold members of the JEvents club to add standardised images and files to their events.  These might be fliers, promotional images, PDF or XLS files.

The addon ties in to the layout editing tool in JEvents to allow a formal layout of your event descriptions with event images and files nicely formatted and not requiring your event creators to follow a set of complex layout instructions when creating events.

There is a demo video of this functionality available.

Custom Fields

Silver Member Addon

JEvents Club Silver members can download and install the custom fields addon that allows them to enhance the event detail with a wide variety of field types.  The screenshots show these set out on 2 special tabs but you can configure the plugin to show these fields altogether or on as many tabs as you require and you can set the tab titles to suit your requirements.

The supported field types include:

New & Changed Event Notificatons

Silver Member Addon

Silver members of the JEvents club can use the new and changed event notification plugin to send configurable email messages to selected groups of users when events are:

  • Created,
  • Changed, or
  • Published/Unpublished

There are many config options to control which Joomla user groups, RSVP user types (attendees, invitees, remindees) who get the notifications.

Additionally there is a module that can be used by registered users of your site to request notifications oof new events falling into specified categories.

Featured Events

Silver Member Addon

Silver members of the JEvents club can the Featured Events plugin which allows you to configure the Latest Events module and JEvents menu items to only show featured events.

You define the featured events by selecting the priority level(s) of the events you want to display.  For example you may define events with priority level 7-9 as featured and then only these will appear for this module or menu item.

Note the screenshot also features the special map layout (silver member addon) that shows the location of events alongside your latest events module or JEvents component page.

Social Networking

Silver Member Addon

Silver members of the JEvents club can use several addons that enable to leverage Social Networking services to publicise, share and discuss your events.

There is a Facebook Like/Share/Comments addon that allows you to link in to Facebook.  If you use the AutoTweet NG component there is also a plugin for JEvents that allows you to post new/changed events to Twitter and your Facebook wall.

There are addons that allow you to integrate with the Social Networking addons available for Joomla - JomSocial and Community Builder. 

You can list events created by a user when viewing their profile.  Gold members can also use the plugin to list events a user has signed up to attend using RSVP Pro.  RSVP Pro also allows you to invite your JomSocial and Community Builder friends and group members to events you have created.

There is an activity stream addon for JomSocial that allows you to list newly created/amended events on your JomSocial Wall.

You can also import your native JomSocial or Community Builder events into JEvents to that you can get an attractive combined display of the events being planned by your online community.

Tabbed Latest Events

Silver Member Addon

JEvents Club Silver members can download this new module that allows you to aggregate a series of Latest Events Modules together in a tabbed layout.

These screenshots were taken on 10 January 2012 and they show the events occuring 'Today' and 'Today + 3' days.

Newsletter Plugins

Silver Member Addon

Silver members of the JEvents club can use special plugins for acyMailing and JNews email newsletter components.

These plugins allow you to include a list of upcoming events in your newsletters.  You configure the plugin in a similar way to the latest events module so you can choose which JEvents layout to use and which fields to display.

Its possible to get more than one list of events in a single newsletter by specifying different categories for each list of events.

Slideshow Module

Silver Member Addon

Module to show upcoming events in a dynamic slideshow - see for a demo.

JEvents Tags

Silver Member Addon

This allows you to tag events with one or more tags that can be used to filter events in a calendar using the mod_jevents_filter (add the filter "taglookup") or via the menu or module parameters.
This includes a frontend menu option to create a list of tags with links through to the matching events.

Agenda/Minutes - article links

Silver Member Addon

This plugin allows you to select and attach articles to events that represent an agenda and minutes.  Note that the minutes article only appears after the event has taken place so you can create a blank placeholder article and then fill in the minutes at (or after) the event.

Of course you can use the minutes article to give a report of how the event went with embedded photos etc.

You can link your events to Joomla content articles as well as Zoo, SobiPro and K2 articles.

Event Time Limits

Silver Member Addon

This JEvents plugin allows you to restrict which events are visible in the frontend of your site.  For example you can hide all past event, or all future events or event just show events from 1 week ago to 1 week in the future.  Alternatively it allows you to constrain the dates for a specific menu item or module.

The plugin allows you to add a beforedate and afterdate filter to your JEvents Filter Module to allow site visitors to search for events in a range of dates

Matching Events Summary

Silver Member Addon

What better way to advertise your events than on events? This little plugin, allows your to show a list of events within an event customised in the same way the Latest Events Module is configured. 

This is a plugin that allows you to show a list of events that match a specific criteria within an event description.

It can be used to show links to

  • the other repeats of a repeating event, or
  • events that share the same title, or
  • events that have the same tags, or
  • events that have common custom field values

Hiding Event Details From Guest Users

Silver Member Addon

A simple plugin that hides event descriptions from users who are not logged in.  You specify a message to replace the description with and can also include a white list of category ids - the event detail for the events in these categories is visible to all users.