Social Networking

Silver Member Addon

Silver members of the JEvents club can use several addons that enable to leverage Social Networking services to publicise, share and discuss your events.

There is a Facebook Like/Share/Comments addon that allows you to link in to Facebook.  If you use the AutoTweet NG component there is also a plugin for JEvents that allows you to post new/changed events to Twitter and your Facebook wall.

There are addons that allow you to integrate with the Social Networking addons available for Joomla - JomSocial and Community Builder. 

You can list events created by a user when viewing their profile.  Gold members can also use the plugin to list events a user has signed up to attend using RSVP Pro.  RSVP Pro also allows you to invite your JomSocial and Community Builder friends and group members to events you have created.

There is an activity stream addon for JomSocial that allows you to list newly created/amended events on your JomSocial Wall.

You can also import your native JomSocial or Community Builder events into JEvents to that you can get an attractive combined display of the events being planned by your online community.