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JEvents 3.6 - Exciting New Styling & Joomla 4 Support

JEvents 3.6 brings you

  • A new backend and event editing theme and a new dashboard that gives you a summary of information about your events together with a series of graphs that give you a quick overview of the status of events on your site.
  • A new, more modern,  interface for event creation/editing that uses this new styling (configurable)
  • Joomla 4.0 support
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JEvents 3.4.50 Released - Security Release

JEvents version 3,4,50 was released on 17 March 2019.  All users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

Jevents 3.4.50 fixes a number of security risks present in earlier 3.4.x releases.

In the backend there was an SQL injection risk which users with permissions to administer JEvents but who are not Joomla admin users or super users could potentially exploit.

There were also a few potential XSS risks, mainly in backend, which are resolved in this release.

You can download the latest version from the download area.

Many thanks to Hackmanit GmbH for highlighting these issues.

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Released Managed Locations 3.5.0

After several months we are finally releasing Managed Locations 3.5.0. This release tackles some bugs and also add new improvements and features ;).

Despite the new features and the new settings available, we have focus all our efforts to allow our current users not need to change anything in their settings so that they can do unattended upgrades ;) (Yes, you can update it using Your Sites). Keep reading to see what's new ;)

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Exciting New Joomla Addon and Limited Time Offer

GWE Systems Ltd, the company behind JEvents, is excited to announce the preview release of EasyLayouts - the tool that makes it easy to create layouts for your Joomla content and custom fields.

See the module at the bottom of this page for more information about an exciting limited time special offer.

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We have launched our new forums

Here at JEvents we are sure you know already! but we pride ourself on unparalleled support. Over the years we have been very successfully using phpBB to handle all our support and forum discussions, however, some of our users do not directly want to publicise their website, or even their post. And so they shouldn't especially if they are a club member, so we have spent a a huge amount of time migrating to EasyDiscuss which is created by the guys over at StackIdeas. It's a great of the shelf product and gives us all the features we need whilst still preforming very well, with over 28,000 posts it's not an easy task. Here are some of the new features you can use today:

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Released Anonymous User Event Creation 3.5.0

We are really excited to announce the inmediate availability of Anonymous User Event Creation plugin 3.5.0. This release includes lots of improvements that will make it even easier for you to allow your visitors submit events to your site.

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Changes in Google Maps Terms of Service

Past June 22nd Google applied some changes to the terms of service for their API. All new domains using their API will be required to use an API key and domains already using their API without a key are highly advice to start using one although no disruption in the service is planned. You can see the details visiting this link:https://developers.go...
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JEvents Float Theme - Dynamic grid blocks of events.

JEvents Float Theme - Dynamic grid blocks of events.
We are proud to announce the launch of a new Club Theme, this is the Float theme which allows you to display events in block format which changes dynamically and fills all the space. We have also added the float theme to the JEvents Custom Layouts, so you can customise the blocks displayed. By default we are shipping the Float Theme with two block ...
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Adding a Newsleter Signup of Other Module to Your Offline Page

Before you launch your site have you ever wished you could show a Joomla module e.g. a Newsletter signup to gather interest of offer more information to visitors, possibly  a countdown to the launch.

You can do this fairly easily (but it does require a small coding change to your template).

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Joomla! Day UK - are you going?

2016 is starting out to be a great year! and what better way to kick it off than at the Joomla! Day UK 2016. This is a great event bringing people together to talk about all things Joomla! 

We are proud to be sponsoring the event with many other Joomla! businesses, but most of all Geraint is going to be speaking about 'Thinking Outside The Box - Joomla Can Be Used For More Than You Think'

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Simple Exporting and Importing of events - New video

I have created a new video to help all of you out there that are looking to just move your events from a previous version of Joomla! or a previous website in fact. This simple 3minute video will guide you how to do this as simply and quickly as possible.

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It's Time to Migrate from Joomla! 2.5x to Joomla! 3.x

Lets dive straight in here, Joomla! 2.5.28 is due out on the 10th December 2014 and this will be the final release of the Joomla! 2.5.x series. 

Why does this effective you? quite simply security and performance. Joomla! are constantly improving and updating Joomla! Although no all updates are smooth, they are set to improve and not only that the foremost issue here to us is security. As Joomla! 2.5.28 will be the last final stable release, you won't be getting anymore updates. This is why it is important now to upgrade to Joomla! 3.x.

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Our new layout Flatplus released!

We have now released the new Flatplus layout available to our Silverclub members. 

This layout removes all tables where possible and inline CSS. It is based on the JEvents default Flat layout. With many more features such as:

  • Multi-day event spanning in month view
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    How to setup a calendar based website in just a few minutes.

    In this article we will show you how to setup a website with JEvents Event Calendar Management solution within just a few minutes. It's so simple and no reason why you shouldn't do it yourself if you need an Events Calendar website.

    To start with you will need:

    1. Web Hosting / FTP & Database (We are using MySql )
    2. Download Joomla! 3.x from


    Once you have downloaded Joomla! 3.x and have access to your FTP / Database details you can proceed.

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    5 new features in JEvents Locations Manager you probably did not notice

    Multicategory Locations

    This is one of the most asked features in the forums, as if you are running for instance a restaurant directory, you need to classify your restaurants in several categories, like "Asiatic" and "Chinese" or even using it for showing type of food and pricing overview: "Spanish food" and "Lower price". We have also migrated the categories to Joomla's default categories component so now you can also benefit of this component features.

    Featured Locations

    Or what is even better, priority levels for your locations. Now you can set a priority level for your locations and use this to show your featured locations always first. This Way you can have shown not only featured locations, but also to decide the importance of them in your lists.

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    JEvents makes your directory dance

    Sad as it is to close a great project like a printing magazine, Eugenio put his hat on and decided to start an online version of his business and after meeting us at Joomla! Day Spain, he decided to give JEvents a go and its addons to create a fully feature directory site. Eugenio was not a Joomla! expert at that time but with lots of interest and with our support in the forums he has managed to move his magazine to the internet.

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    JEvents and JA Wall Integration

    At JEvents we are constantly surprised at the various ways users are able to utilise and diversify JEvents as a calendar application. With that in mind when I saw the Joomla Art Wall Template, I just had to integrate JEvents as this really is something I haven't seen before with a calendar application like JEvents.

    By using the following:

    • JA Wall Template
    • JEvents 
    • JEvents Standard Files and Images
    • JEvents Custom Fields
    • JEvents Managed Locations
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    New Facebook Social Sharing Plugin

    We have released a new version of the JEvents Facebook Social Plugin available to our Silver Club Members. 

    This new plugin uses the new Facebook API system and does require you to setup a Facebook App through the facebook developers sytem. 

    We encourge users to move over to the new plugin, as Facebook have deprecated the old plugin and we are unsure of when it will stop working. To assist we have created a document on how to configure and setup the plugin, whilst also providing a video to show how it is done.

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